Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need before I make a mixer enquiry?

It would be helpful if you can provide the information for our sales team so that they can provide the mixer most suitable for your processes:

1. Motor power requirements
2. Stirring speed
3. Viscosity
4. Specific Gravity or Density

However, if there are unknown information, give us a call or drop us an email and we would be able to assist you in acquiring any of these information.

How can I be sure that the mixer I have chosen is suitable for my needs?

Service is important to us and understanding your process is the key to choosing the right system. Besides being available through email, our sales team has the option to visit your company or site to understand your process requirements.

I am looking for a chemical mixing equipment or spare part not listed in the website. Does Solid provide them?

The advantages of being a build-to-order supplier is that we can design and manufacture equipments based on your needs. So if you have an idea, contact us and we can turn your ideas into reality.

Are there any assurances for the equipments that I have purchased from Solid Machinery?

We pride ourselves in our after sales services. Besides providing a warranty for all our equipments, our own servicing team would be able to ensure your process downtime are cut to minimal. The advantage of manufacturing our own equipments is that our service teams are able to troubleshoot your issues accurately and part replacements are quick.